GPX Files explained

Many of the race pages will have a link to a GPX file.This is a digital file with a representation of the route and usually the mile or KM markers as well.

To use this file you will probably have to right click and save the file to your computer first.Different browsers behave differently.If you are having problems downloading,try a different browser,if you have one. Sometimes the download will add *.xml on the end.You need to delete this

You can then use it a a few different ways

1) Using a website such as you can load the track into Google maps.

2) If you have your own maps such as Memory Map you can display the track on there.

3) You can open the track in Google Earth

4) You can load the file on to a hand held GPS unit or,to aid in localising the mile marks.

If you need any help with any of the above

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